Lindenmann is founded on 01.07.1961 by Karl Lindenmann and his son Karl Heinz Lindenmann. The learned merchants specialize in the gold town of Pforzheim famous for its jewellery industry around the world on the sale of men’s jewelry. Customers include the major men’s wear shops in Germany and abroad.


Due to the increasing demand, a move from the narrow rooms in the Luisenstrasse into a new building of the Kronprinzenstrasse becomes necessary.


The brand “Georges Chabrolle” is established. The name stands for classical elegance and timeless design.


Denim fashion is on the rise and is rapidly breaking demand for cufflinks and tie clips. Karl Heinz Lindenmann decides to include the new product line of leather belts in the product range and produce them himself.


The product portfolio is expanded. The production and distribution of suspenders is started.


The sons Volker and Klaus Lindenmann join the company. The third generation of the family-managed company is moving forward with great energy to modernize the company.


A new ERP system is introduced at Lindenmann. From now on customers can place their orders via EDI. Thus, the step into a more intensive customer relationship is taken.

Foundation of the subsidiary Karl Heinz Lindenmann Espana S.L.


Lindenmann moves into new business premises in Lochäckerstrasse in Pforzheim. The 3-storey building in Kronprinzenstrasse has become too small.

Lindenmann acquires the license for Pierre Cardin belts. The first collection is launched in July. Another milestone for the expansion of the company was laid.


Extension of the business premises in Lochäckerstrasse in Pforzheim in the warehouse and logistics area in order to be able to meet customer requirements in the future as well.


Relaunch of the Lindenmann website. The internet presence is completely redeveloped and now offers a contemporary B2B shop and a direct connection to the representatives.


The new 2020 autumn/winter collection is clearly trending towards sustainability. To meet the growing demand for high-quality, durable, green products, we have forged new partnerships with selected, certified tanneries that process leather using natural tanning agents and no chemicals. Tanneries that follow a long HANDCRAFTING tradition:
That’s where our “HANDCRAFTED SELECTION” line starts.