January 2022:

This year, too, we are placing extremely high value on a powerful NOS programme. This gives you maximum flexibility with optimised goods control at the same time. Thus, no customer wish remains unfulfilled. And our B2B webshop is available to you at any time for subsequent planning.

June 2021:

LINDENMANN now also offers sustainable polo shirts and T-shirts in the NOS collection. The polo shirts and T-shirts are made from organically produced cotton with the GOTS seal in Europe.


Please follow this link: B2B webshop

January 2021:

The Lindenmann LM – HANDCRAFTED SELECTION – Finest high quality handcrafted leather belts

This summer will be magical. Nothing has ever been so hotly anticipated – let the future begin anew!

After a long, strange year, get inspired to set new goals and get off to a roaring start. Our HANDCRAFTED SELECTION is exploring exciting new horizons. Join us on a tour through our summer collection. All of our belts are selected with care and lovingly crafted by hand. Our partner tanneries are certifi ed for sustainable leatherwork using only natural tanning agents.

We’re convinced that this collection will bring you the magic of an eagerly awaited summer. And we hope it conjures a smile on your face, just as it has for us.

June 2020:

The new Lindenmann LM – HANDCRAFTED SELECTION is launched.

To meet the growing demand for high-quality, durable, green products, we have forged new partnerships with selected, certified tanneries that process leather using natural tanning agents and no chemicals. Tanneries that follow a long HANDCRAFTING tradition:

That’s where our “HANDCRAFTED SELECTION” line starts.

Each exquisite, custom belt is carefully crafted by hand, involving at least 30 steps. The naturally tanned leather meets our stringent quality standards and comes from certified farms where cattle are raised in a humane and environmentally friendly manner.

February 2019:

Our new B2B webshop is online. Our customers now have an additional opportunity to inform themselves about the NOS collections as well as current offers or pre-order items. In addition to extensive search functions, the B2B webshop offers a convenient ordering function and the option to save shopping lists or shopping carts.